Trying Hard, Climbing Up

climbing crI know no ones reading this but…  this is me, I’m attempting a V5. Which in rock climbing isn’t really good, but not too bad. It’s funny some children are climbing grades many adults will never achieve V14’s. I’ve only been climbing for  two years, yes it sounds like a lot but it really isn’t. I’ll say my birthday is the two year anniversary of when I first started climbing…((see first post)). My mother got me into climbing. She has been climbing for around eight years, yet I have already surpassed her climbing grade. It may be due to the fact I am about four inches taller but… Who knows. Honestly, if I had more of a drive when I was younger I would probably  be one of the top in my age category. But then again maybe I wouldn’t have been.  Maybe I should give a little description of what type of climbing I am doing. Here, I am doing a type of climbing called bouldering. It’s a type of climbing where you aren’t suspended by a rope or being pulled up by someone else. Bouldering is something… different, your free to finish the problem with any beta you can find. Even if the holds hurt, or the moves are sketchy you need to push yourself to get to the top. I love climbing and I try to work hard for it. I want to be able my climbing has amount to something someday, somehow. Although, no matter how hard I try there’s someone trying harder. I always feel inferior. In this picture I am barely holding on. I am trying, yet slipping. I did not finish the problem. I need to keep reminding myself that strength is progressive.

Oh and as I said before I have given up meat. It feels nice. It’s a weird nice though. Like a unrealized weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I still get drawn in to the smell of meat but… vegetables are amazing and bread, and all food for that matter. I actually started to use protein shakes. I drank my first one on January 9th 2016. Below is a picture of random free around the house protein shakes I am trying to drink daily.


On a semi-unrelated topic exams are a week away. I’m stressed. I guess I can compare my climbing to school, I am trying very hard in school. Although to my dismay, like my climbing, I seem to be falling, failing, not finishing. I feel like I’ll never amount to anything. But I can’t help but keep climbing. I would continue this post but… its not good to dwell in self loathing. Also CPT’s are real. I’m going to try to end this on a nice note with a little quote from one of my world class climbing coaches “Confidence- just do whatever you do to the best of your abilities.”- Kerry

P.s photo creds to Paige who will probably never see this.


1st Entry



     I am warning you, I did not make this blog for many people to see. I’m actually kind of scared so I’m going to show one person, that I guess I kind of trust, that’s all. If you aren’t the person I literally just shoved my laptop onto, you are me or, you are a stranger. If you are a stranger you are welcomed but be aware, I am an extreme newbie, a semi-illiterate and a boring (I will ramble) writer. Continue reading at your own risk. Have fun peering into the jumbled mess of my teenage brain. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

          Wow, I feel extremely awkward knowing that someone (possibly a stranger) is reading this. How does one stumble onto a blog post anyhow? So this is my first entry *cue applause* I created this site as a project, a non-formal way of writing. I am about to put a few hours of my life into this post  So that eventually I can proudly say “my first post is a random but good one :)”. I have actually spent more than two hours trying to think of a niche as well as customizing this “website” and I have decided I will write a few posts before choosing to focus on one of my passions. I wonder what this blog will become.

Maybe this blog will turn out to be a diary of the sort (one of those; teenage rant/ release of stress and anxiety/random quote/ awkward self-made poem blogs). Or maybe it will become a fangirl account (I’m going to post up my anime list). This blog might even become a health and fitness kind of thing (rock climbing is definitely a big part of my life right now. Also unrelated I’ve stopped eating meat since December 30th. So… I guess Protein replacements and vegetarian meals are something to talk about). Or maybe I should make this a food blog (it may become a cliché type of boring but so what? Food is always great to talk about. Food is life!). I’m kind of laughing at myself right now, all the possibilities a blog can become, yet I can’t choose right now. What if I never post anything other than this post, my first entry. I will pray to remember this blog and not let it die and become forgotten (like all of my neopets, webkinz and tamagotchis). In the end if I can’t focus on one topic I’ll focus on nothing aka my boring average life.

Hopefully this will be a better diary than what I tried to make my Instagram account. -it now has about 1.5K followers but all of them are ghosts and people I know- I can not post what I want to post on that account. ( I started posting anime and only anime for 3 months, people started asking for “selfies”, like I am ugly so selfies are just ew).  I’m thinking of investing in a camera not one of those crappy digital ones for like 80$, I’m looking at the “Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF5” or just any Canon camera. As long as it’s under 800$ and can take nice pictures. I wish my budget was higher but on my wage it would take me more than four months to save and buy, (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻  It would be cool to have one, I have never owned technology, other than my phone, that can take pictures, this laptop isn’t even mine. I did have one of those old refillable cameras once for the zoo but… with a digital camera I’d take pictures of everything, everywhere. It’d be great.

          I was thinking maybe I should say a little something about myself before I end this post, so that in the future when I read this I’ll know what I think of myself at this age, 15. Another random thought, the name of this blog holds some significance. I was born in the year 2000, the millennials I think it is awesome to be born in 2000, we are not quite “new” or “old”, the #327 is a date as well… 3/27. I don’t know why I included this in this post but it is a stupid ongoing thought. Anyways, right now I am just an average boring teenage girl trying to find a way to occupy herself other than school, work, climbing and anime. At this moment in time I am working at a “restaurant” in a mall. Honestly, working is not something you want to be doing at my age. Low minimum wage, 12 hour shifts along with competitions and other commitments do not help. (¬_¬) but whatever, I chose to work. My mother says I’m a workaholic, I hope this is not true. I just hate being unoccupied, when I am, I’m restless. Speaking of restlessness, Insomnia is also a real first world problem It’s disgusting and it makes you feel like punching holes into the wall every time you want to sleep. The cause of my insomnia? I really wish I knew. I think it might be my struggling to keep my emotions in check or the stress of having to hold back my words to not offend anyone. Stress in my opinion is self-made, yet I cannot seem to destroy it once I’ve created it. This is how everyone feels at this age right, stressed and depressed? Wow, I did not conclude this post well. Let me just congratulate you from not dying of boredom.
Well have a good one fly8x11.jpg I might just make this into a tumblr-esque quotes blog. Meh